Selected Awards & Exhibitions


Royal Photographic Society: Associate (ARPS), September 2011
Royal Photographic Society: Licentiate (LRPS), July 2009

Solo Exhibitions

Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA, December 1-31, 2010, “English Cathedrals”
Pacific Grove Art Center, Pacific Grove, CA, Mar-Apr 2010, “English Cathedrals”


Winner, Single Image Contest 2016, Black & White Magazine, January 2016: "In the Basement","Polished","Abstract"
Winner, Single Image Contest 2014, Black & White Magazine, February 2014: "Abstract Architecture", "Haggling at the Goat Market"
Finalist, 2013 Photography & Illustration Awards, Applied Arts Magazine, May/June 2013: "English Medieval Cathedrals"
Silvershotz Folio 2012: "English Medieval Cathedrals"
Merit Award, 2012 Black & White Portfolio Contest, B&W Magazine, Issue 92.
Photographers Forum Magazine, Best of Photography 2011
Black+White Photography Magazine, GMC Publications Ltd., Issue 108, Feb 2010, Reader Assignment

Recent Juried Exhibitions & Awards


2017 Monovisions Photography Awards:
Series, Honorable Mentions: Architecture, "Medieval English Cathedrals"; Fine Art, "Heavy Metal"
Single Image, Honorable Mentions: Architecture, "Concrete Atlantis" & "Great Court"; Fine Art, "Afternoon Tea"; People, "Fishing at Twilight" & "Upstairs, Downstairs"

10th Annual Pollux Awards, 2017: Winner, Fine Art Category: "In English Country Houses"

2nd Charles Dodgson B&W Award (Juror, Chris Walker): People, Culture & Daily Life, Runner-Up, "The Artisans of Hakart"; Fine Art, Honorable Mention, "English Medieval Cathedrals"

Cheltenham Internation Salon of Photography, 2017: Open Monochrome, "Traces Left Behind"; Creative, "One, Two, Three"

Dark Room Gallery, Essex Jct., VT; Chiaroscuro (Juror, David Wells), "Afternoon Tea"

Fine Art Photography Awards (FAPA), 2016/17: Nominee in Architecture, Series, "English Medieval Cathedrals"; Nominee in Fine Art, Series, "In English Country Houses"

Finalist, 5th Edition of the Jacob Riis Documentary Award (Juror, Andrea Star Reese), 2017, Series, "Heavy Metal"

New York Center for Photographic Art, Black and White Juried Exhibition, 2017 (Juror: Mark Sink): Jurors Selections, "Under The Tower, Canterbury Cathedral" and "Upstairs, Downstairs"

Salon At The Triton: 2017 Statewide Competition & Exhibition, Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, California: "The Artisans of Hakart"


International Photographer of the Year, 2016: 3rd Prize, Architecture, Industrial: "Traces Left Behind"

Monochrome Photography Awards, 2016: Honorable Mentions in:
Nature, "Ancient Oak"; Architecture, "Byzantine Glory", "Concrete Atlantis"; Landscape, "Dawn Curves", "Doubtful Path"; People, "Upstairs, Downstairs"

ND Awards, 2016: 3rd Prize, Architecture, Interiors: "English Medieval Cathedrals": Honorable Mentions, Architecture, Industrial: "Concrete Atlantis"; People, Culture, "haggling at the Goat Market"

International Photography Awards (IPA) 2016: 1st Prize, Architecture, Industrial; "Heavy Metal": Honorable Mention; "Concrete Atlantis"

International Juried Exhibition, 2016 (Juror: Dr. Linde Lehtinen), Center for Photographic Art, Carmel: "Traces Left Behind"

11th Annual Black&White Spider Awards 2016: Honorable Mentions in: Architecture, "Heavy Metal"; People, "Upstairs/Downstairs"; Nature, "Atchafalaya Dawn"

Berlin Photo Biennale, October 2016, Berlin, Germany: "The Nave, Durham Cathedral", "Under the Tower, Canterbury Cathedral", "Chaos", "Traces Left Behind"

Gateway Art Center, New York, NY, International Photo Competition; Non-Professional, Silver "2nd" Place Nature: "Atchafalaya Dawn"; Bronze "3rd" Place, Architecture: " Salisbury, Quire & Nave"

Soho Photo Gallery, NY: 2016 National Competition (Juror: Elizabeth Biondi), "Watching and Waiting"

Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, CA; 2016 Member's Juried Exhibition (Juror: Heather Snider), "Upstairs, Downstairs"

Fine Art Photography Awards 2016: Nominee in Architecture, "Salisbury, Quire & Nave"; Nominee in Landscape, "Atchafalaya": Nominee in Seascape, "Sunset, Seacliff Pier"

1st Place, Photography: Salon At The Triton: 2016 Statewide Competition & Exhibition, Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, California: "Concrete Atlantis"

International Salon PhotoArt, Prague, Czech Republic, 2016: "Watching and Waiting"

Maitland International Salon of Photography 2016, Maitland, Australia: Monochrome Prints, "SP&S 700", "Watching and Waiting"

Honorable Mention, 76th International Photographic Salon of Japan, Tokyo, 2016: "Atchafalaya"


International Photographer of the Year, 2015:
1st Prize: Architecture, Industrial: "Col. Ward Pumping Station, Buffalo, NY"
Honorable Mention: Architecture, Buildings: "English Medieval Cathedrals"
Honorable Mention: Nature, Trees: "Atchafalaya"
Honorable Mention: People, Street: "Hurrying Home" and "Watching and Waiting"

PSSL 60th International Competition & Exhibition of Photography, 2015, Sri Lanka: "Upstairs/Downstairs"

Monochrome Photography Awards, 2015: Honorable Mentions, Architecture, "Silo City"; Abstract,, "Abstract"; Fine Art, "Heavy Metal"

10th Annual Black & White Spider Awards, 2015: Nominee in Architecture, "Nave, Durham Cathedral", "Silo City, Buffalo, NY"; Nominee in Still Life, "Corrosion", "Crank, SP&S 700"

ND Awards 2015, 2nd Prize, Industrial Architecture: "Traces Left Behind"; 3rd Prize, Industrial Architecture: "Heavy Metal"

International Photography Awards (IPA) 2015: Honorable Mention, Architecture, Industrial: "Traces Left Behind"

153rd Edinburgh International Exhibition of Photography, 2015; Monochrome Print: "Traces Left Behind"

7th Annual Pollux Awards, 2015, Runner-up, Abandoned Places: "Silo City"

Jurors Selection, 4th Edition of Jacob Riis Editorial Award, June 2015: "English Medieval Cathedrals"

"Through A Curious Lens" (Juror: Sean Duggan), Santa Cruz Art League, CA, July 2015: "Abstract Glass"

"Angles, Lines and Curves", Filoli, CA, June-August, 2015: "Abstract Architecture, Bahla Fort, Oman"

Bristol Salon, 2015: "Tailor at the Souk"

Honorable Mention, 75th International Photographic Salon of Japan, Tokyo, 2015: "SP&S 700"


“Best Photos of the Year 2014” #8, (Germany), “Canterbury, Under the Tower”

9th Annual Black & White Spider Awards, 2014: Nominee in Nature, "First Light"; Nominee in People, "Haggling at the Goat Market", "Stairway to ??", "Watching & Waiting"

7th Annual International Color Awards 2014: Nominee in Architecture, "The Courtyard", "Watching and Waiting"; Nominee in People, "Salmah", "Siesta"

61st SIPA, Photographic Society of Singapore, 2014: "Haggling at the Goat Market", "Street Portrait, Valparaiso", "Sunrise, Wahiba Sands, Oman"

"Documentary Photography", (Juror: Mark Leong), LJ Horton Gallery, San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton, CA, November, 2014: "Heavy Metal #1 & #4"

Shortlist & Honorable Mention, Royal Photographic Society Photobook Exhibition 2014: "English Medieval Cathedrals"

Honorable Mention, "Transportation", (Juror: Lester Lefkowitz), NY Center for Photographic Art, New York, September, 2014: "Round The Bend"

152nd Edinburgh International Exhibition of Photography, 2014; Monochrome Prints: "Haggling At The Goat Market", "The Staircase"

NVAL 2014 International Juried Photography Show (Juror: Christa Dix), Carter House Gallery, Redding, CA, April 2014: "Canterbury, Under The Tower"

"Black & White" (Juror: Karen Haas, Curator of Photography, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston), PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, VT, April, 2014: "Haggling At The Goat Market"

Southampton International Exhibition, 2014: "Haggling At The Goat Market"

Bristol Salon, 2014: "Hurrying Home", "Haggling At The Goat Market", "Sunrise Over The Creek"

Honorable Mention, 74th International Photographic Salon of Japan, Tokyo, 2014: "Hurrying Home"


Official Selection, Kontinent Awards 2013, Fine Art Project: "Omani Forts"

Juror Award of Merit, Street/Documentary, Grand Prix de la Decouverte, International Fine Art Photography Competition, Paris, 2013: "At the Goat Market", “Watching and Waiting”

1st Prize, Architecture/Cityscape (non-professional), American Aperture Awards (AX3), September 2013: "English Medieval Cathedrals"

Royal Photographic Society, 156th International Print Exhibition, 2013: “Watching and Waiting”

"Black + White 2013" (Jurors: Elizabeth Corden & Jan Potts, Corden|Potts Gallery), The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO, July/August, 2013: "Architecture Abstract"

"2013 National Photography Competition": (Juror: Laura Patterson, VP Photography Dept., Christies, NY), Soho Photo Gallery, New York, NY, July 2013: "Oxford, Radcliffe Camera (IR)"

6th Annual Photography Masters Cup, 2013: Nominee in Architecture, “Peterborough, Sanctuary and Apse”, “York, Quire and Organ”, “Salisbury, Quire and Nave”

3rd International and National Juried Photography Exhibition (Juror: Nat Trotman, Curator Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum), Viridian Artists, New York, NY, February 2013: “Ely, The Lantern”


“Give US Your Best Shot” (Jurors: Susan Spiritus, Kirk Pedersen, Gina Genis, & Jeff Alu), Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, CA, December 2012: “Salisbury, Quire and Nave”

"Windows & Mirrors" (Jurors: Elizabeth Corden & Jan Potts, Corden|Potts Gallery), PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, VT, October 2012: "Skylight (MoMA #2)"

Finalist, Cityscape/Architecture, Grand Prix de la Découverte, International Fine Art Photography Competition, Paris, 2012: "Gloucester, The Cloisters"
Juror Award of Merit, Cityscape/Architecture, Grand Prix de la Découverte, Paris, 2012: "Norwich, East End Apse": “Salisbury, Quire and Nave”, “York, Quire and Organ”

1st prize, Architecture (Historical), International Photography Awards (IPA) 2012, & Nominee "Discovery of the Year", 10th Goldie Awards: “English Medieval Cathedrals”

Northern Counties International Salon 2012, Monochrome Prints: "California Dune: Evening Light", "California Dune: Sudden Cliff"

PHOTOcentric 2012 (Jurors: Elizabeth Opalenik & Robert Mann), Garrison Art Center, Garrison, NY, September 2012: “Oxford, Radcliffe Camera”, “Gloucester, The Cloisters”

“Among Trees” (Juror: Beth Moon), Darkroom Gallery, Essex Jct., VT, August 2012: “Bleak Midwinter #2”, “A Quiet Place”, “I Surrender”, “Sunburst”

Nominee, 7th Annual Black and White Spider Awards, June 2012: “English Cathedrals”

New Orleans Photo Alliance, Members Only Exhibition, June 2012: “Abstract Cacti #3”, “Salisbury, Quire and Nave”

“Works on Paper NYC”, (Jurors: Jeffrey Leder & Orested Gonzalez), Jeffrey Leder Gallery, New York, June 2012: “Oxford, Radcliffe Camera”; “Salisbury, Quire & Nave”

Royal Photographic Society, 2012 International Print Exhibition: "Salisbury, Quire & Nave"

8th Holland International Image Circuit, 2012, Juried Entries: Salon1: Mono, "California Dune", "They Came from Outer Space": Travel, "Sunset, Monterey Bay": Salon 4: Mono, "Salisbury, Quire & Nave": Salon 5: Travel, "Sunset, Monterey Bay"

2012 Statewide Photography Exhibition (Juror: Brian Taylor), Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, CA, February 2012: "Canterbury, Under the Tower"

Center for Photographic Art, 2012 Juried Exhibition (Jurors: Brian Taylor & Bryan Yedinak), Carmel, CA, January 2012: "Salisbury, Quire & Nave"; On-line Gallery: "Firestorm, Pinnacles NM”

WPGA Biennial International Exhibition, Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires, Jan-Feb, 2012: "English Medieval Cathedrals"


Juror's Choice, "The Built Environment" (Juror: Norman McGrath), Dark Room Gallery, Essex Jct., VT, Dec 27, 2011 - Jan 20, 2012: 1: "Salisbury, Quire & Nave; 2: "Oxford, Quire Vault"

"Four Corners of the Earth" (Juror: Dave Levingston), Dark Room Gallery, Essex Jct., VT, Nov 29 - Dec 23, 2011: "Crescent Dune"

1st Prize Photography, Los Gatos Art Association Juried Members Show (Juror: Kim Lordier), Nov 3 - Dec 4, 2011: 1: "Winchester, North Aisle"; 2: "Canterbury, Under the Tower"

Northern Counties International Salon 2011, Monochrome Prints: "Winchester, North Aisle"

Honorable Mention, Architecture, International Photography Awards (IPA) 2011, “English Medieval Cathedrals”

1st Prize, Architecture, PHOTOcentric 2011 (Jurors: Larry Fink & Stephen Perloff), Garrison Art Center, Garrison, NY, September 10 - October 2, 2011, 1: "Canterbury, Under the Tower"; 2: "Salisbury, Quire & Nave"

"Early Morning, After Dark", Juried Exhibition (Juror: Peter Howe), Mpls Photo Center, Minneapolis, MN, June 24 - August 13, 2011: "Early Morning Mist, Lake Quinault"

"Trees", Juried Exhibition (Jurors: Karen Sinsheimer, Marc Muench, Stacey Otte), Wildling Art Gallery, Los Olivos, CA, June 1 - July 4, 2011: "At Their Feet: Hoh Rainforest IR"

Honorable Mention, Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, Juried Members' Show 2011, "York Minster, The Quire"

37th Annual National Photo Exhibition (Juror: Ann Pallesen), Larson Gallery, Yakima, WA, April 8 - May 7, 2011: "Salisbury, The Nave", "Wells, The Chapter House Steps", "Gloucester, The Cloisters"

"Urban Landscape", Juried Gallery Exhibition (Juror: Joshua Hess), 1650 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, March 5 - April 2, 2011: "Work & Play, Central Park, NY"

"Flowers, Trees, Birds & Bees: Nature Explored", Juried Gallery Exhibition (Juror: Alan Nyiri), PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, VT, January 4-29 2011: "Humbolt Redwoods IR"


1st Prize, Architecture Portfolio, 2010 WPGA Annual Pollux Awards, Non-Professional Section (Juror: Philip Brookman, Chief Curator and Head of Research, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC), "English Cathedrals": Honorable Mention: Nature Portfolio: "From the Garden"; Fine Art Single Image: "Crescent Dune"

Honorable Mention, Architecture, International Photography Awards (IPA) 2010, Portfolios: "English Cathedrals"; "Vaults"; "At the Crossing": Images: "Salisbury, The Nave"; "Salisbury, The Crossing"; "Ely, South Transept Ceiling": Still Life, Portfolio: "Cala Lilies"

2nd Prize, Santa Cruz Art League, Santa Cruz, CA, National Photography Exhibit (Juror: Brian Taylor), July 2010, "Salisbury, The Choir"


Royal Photographic Society: International Projected Image Exhibition, 2009, Juried Entry: “Stormy Winter Sunset Seacliff Pier”